About me

I’m a data scientist and developer living in Somerville, MA. I’m working on DataQuest. If you’re around Boston and want to get a beer, let me know! You can find me on LinkedIn, or email me at vik dot paruchuri at gmail dot com.

In the past year or so, I’ve worked on:

  • A platform to help people learn data science online (think Codecademy for data science) called DataQuest (this is what I’m currently spending my time on)
  • An iOS app that automatically tracks your movement and let you capture real-life territory called Turfly
  • An iOS app to help calculate your risk of heart disease called Heartgram
  • An iOS app that lets you vote on bills, and see how your congresspeople vote called HipVote
  • An android application that helps you track your happiness called Happsee
  • A realtime, interactive in-class dashboard called Sojurn
  • A blogging platform that lets you edit posts in Markdown and sync with github called Affirm
  • A notetaking platform that lets you write notes in Markdown and sync with github called Notions
  • An LMS alternative that focuses on collaboration called Movide
  • A server that makes automated essay scoring easy to setup and use called Scan
  • A tool to make analyzing your own quantified self data flexible and easy called Realize

In the past, I’ve been a US diplomat (Foreign Service Officer), a consultant, and an operations manager.